Mr.Rajaram Shinde


Mr. Rajaram Shinde

The career of Rajaram Shinde, who came to Mumbai from Dasapati taluka in Chiplun in Konkan and created his dominance in Marathi theater as a theater producer, is a continuous storm. In the seventies, he established a professional theater company called 'Natyamandar' and made his place along with great producers like Bal Kolhatkar, Mohan Tondwalkar, Prabhakar Panashikar, Mohan Wagh, Anant Kane.

After playing small and large roles in many plays in his youth, he took over Vidyadhar Gokhale's play 'Mandarmala' in 1965, which was closed after 100 attempts. This is the beginning of 'Natyamandar'. This play gave Shinde a huge commercial success.

The plays 'Phulala Sugandha Maticha', 'Tarun Turk Mhatare Ark', 'Saujanyachi Aishitaishi', 'Hee Shrinchi Ichcha' were very popular. Shinde 69th a. Bh. He also held the post of the head of the Marathi Theater Association. During that time, the president of the conference was also the president of the theater council.

In 2005-06 he entered politics and contested elections for Janata Dal. He became MLA twice. Later he joined the Congress. Implemented employment guarantee scheme in our constituency. Brought many plans. Shinde, a non-matric himself, made his mark in the field of education by establishing the "Mandar Education Society" in Chiplun.